Greek community not pleased in Olympic celebrations

No special invitations were sent out to groups or individuals to take part in yesterday’s Olympic celebrations in Chatham-Kent.
According to Mayor Randy Hope, the only invitation was a blanket one aimed at every citizen of the municipality.
Hope said he was surprised to learn the local Greek Orthodox community felt they were ignored by the volunteer committee.
“We’ve been begging for volunteers in the media for the past year,” he said. “Why would representatives of the Greek Orthodox community wait until the last minute to complain?”
Nicholas Pelekis, president of the local Greek Orthodox community, said he was “extremely disappointed” his people were not asked to be a part of the event.
“After all, the Olympic flame came from Greece,” he said.
He said members of the Greek community have been invited to carry the torch in a number of communities across eastern Canada.
“We feel left out in Chatham-Kent,” he said.
He said there are approximately 80 Greek Orthodox families in Chatham.
(source: chatham daily news)


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