The Greek Naked News Anchors tells the news naked. Two of the TV presenters that “have nothing to hide are Greek”. Athena King and Alex Pantos have both joined the Toronto based online network that broadcasts six news videos per day. Even though an important element of the videos is the entertainment their news are always accurate and large networks have said that are as good as BBC.

Athena King, age 31, joined Naked News in October, 2001. Her classic Greek beauty, dark eyes and sultry smile made her the perfect choice to be a member of the ”news program with nothing to hide”. She is all woman, and brings a genuine zeal to everything that she does. Athena is from Toronto, Ontario, and has also lived in Greece.

Athena’s unique sense of humor and timing have brought her recognition for her “Athena the Greek” quirky sports commentary. If you want the lowdown on the seamy side of sports, Athena the Greek delivers the goods.

Athena spotted the Naked News ad in Now Magazine and it wasn’t long before her electrifying good looks, grace and natural comfort with nudity earned her a job offer. A certified fitness instructor in Aerobic, Aqua, and Dancercise, Athena works out every day. She also enjoys kickboxing, cycling, swimming, rollerblading, skating and yoga. Being actively fit is an important part of Ms. King’s healthy lifestyle and overall sense of well-being.

With a significant background in dance and continuous training in the art of acting, Athena’s passion is in the arts! She seeks to broaden her horizons by working on small independent film projects and eventually anticipates a role on the big screen. Very much a people person, Athena believes that it is important to give back to her community and does volunteer work for a senior citizens’ organization. Sensual and worldly, Athena is a goddess in the true sense of the word.

Alex Pantos, 29, joined the Naked News anchor team in September, 2006, after breezing through a week as a Guest Anchor. As exuberant as she is glamorous, Alex contributes a bold new angle to the show.

Greek by birth, Alex and her family came to Canada when she was an infant. With an older sister always ready to egg her on, Alex showed off her natural spark very early. Famous among her relatives and neighbors for her willingness to tell jokes or put on a skit, it was always obvious she’d end up in front of the cameras.

Alex has brains as well as beauty, and graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science degree with a specialty of math and statistics. Many of her favorite number problems involved deciding whether or not to hand hers out to the men who approached her at clubs.

After graduation, rather than heading straight to the boardroom, where her immense personality would be stifled, Alex decided on a career path allowing her more freedom. With a passion for fitness, she soon became a Pilates instructor, competing in fitness shows and bikini contests.

It was at one of these contests that she was approached by a Naked News producer and interviewed for a segment. She decided then and there that Naked News was her next job. “I love speaking in public, and I’m certainly not shy. As for nudity, I always say that if you’ve got it, flaunt it, so a job in front of the cameras, talking, is perfect for me!”



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