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FYROM Artist Wears a Greek Flag with a Swastika in Canadian Comedy Tour

His racist t-shirt also reads "F-ck Greece" to complete the insult and evoke anger towards Greece says a Canadian advocacy group. Read the full story.
The map as it was published

AHEPA Condemns “Irredentist United Macedonia Map”

AHEPA Canada, one of the largest Greek organizations in the country, released an announcement condemning the publication of a map by the Toronto branch of...

Toronto Paper Says Macedonia Is Greek

The authoritative Canadian newspaper National Post of Toronto published in its Internet version a travel article entitled Yours to Conquer: Macedonia Is in the...

Greek Community Hosts Event “Macedonia:The Historical Truth”

The Greek Community of Montreal in cooperation with the Greek Congress of Quebec, the Macedonian Association “Alexander the Great”, the union “Vogatsiaton Kastorias” and...