Tragedy Strikes Greek-Canadian Family Again, Chris Christidis Dies Suddenly

christidis deathOnly eight months after Greek-Canadian university student Andrea Christidis was killed by a drunk driver, the family is facing more devastation.

Chris Christidis, owner of Ice ‘n Cake cafeteria in Toronto has died suddenly from a heart attack on Tuesday, according to the London Free Press.

The family has been coping with the tragedy of Andrea’s death, as the 18-year-old had just completed her first semester at university when she was killed.

Chris Christidis was on a plane to Greece when he heard of the accident that would eventually claim his daughter’s life.

The driver of the car, Jared Delong pleaded guilty to charges and will be sentenced June 16 in the Ontario Court of Justice.

Christidis was too upset to speak during the trial and had his cousin read a statement that he had written about his late daughter.

The Christidis family is an active member in the Greek community in Toronto. Almost 3,000 people came to Andrea’s funeral. Now both the family and community are facing yet another tragedy and loss with the sudden death of Chris Christidis.

He is survived by his wife and daughter.



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