‘En Route’ Magazine Pays Tribute to Greek Wine

greek-wineThe new issue of Air Canada’s enRoute magazine featured an article on Greek wine, titled “The Modern Face of Ancient Greek Wines.” The tribute article was written by reporter Taras Grescoe and it included information and photographs on the production of modern Greek wines.

Grescoe explored all the different types of Greek wines from red to white and rosé, analyzing the different varieties of grapes and the local vines.

Photographs taken in Parparoussis winery in Patras, Biblia Chora estate on Mount Pangeon, Ktima Gerovassiliou near Epanomi in Thessaloniki and Katsaros vineyards on the slopes of Mount Olympus are scattered along the long article, showing the beauty of Greece and the reporter’s appreciation for wine production in the country.

Grescoe’s trek across Greek vineyards ends with a visit to Katsaros vineyards on Mount Olympus. “Spectacularly located beneath the perennially cloud-shrouded peak of Mount Olympus, it’s reached by precipitous switchbacks that have the ailing brakes of our microbus emitting death squeals. Over wood-oven-cooked lamb and spanakopita seasoned with the mountain herbs depicted on the winery’s labels, we taste a fruity red made with xinomavro,” notes the article.

“Here, the history and culture of the vine – that alchemy of Mediterranean sun, numinous soil and wine-dark sea – comes through with every sip. There’s no better way to end our odyssey than on the mountain of the gods, raising a toast with glasses filled with the juice of Zeus,” Grescoe concludes.


  1. Imagine a wine drinker’s guide to the Hellenes – I would definitely watch such a show, as someone traveled across the main land and islands, with the defence forces, in cities and rural areas… and ate and drank… hey, I volunteer to be one of…


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