Sun Shines On Montreal’s Greek Easter

MontrealGreeks in Montreal enjoyed a sunlit Easter Sunday on May 5. awaking after midnight ceremonies in the city’s 12 Greek Orthodox Churches that were packed with the faithful.

The Bishop of Canada in his Easter message, called on Greeks around the country to support their brethren in Greece and Cyprus, saying, “We are in front of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. He sacrifices himself for the salvation of you, of me and for the salvation of the whole world. While he was writhing in pain, he even forgave his executioners. Such was his love for the man. Infinite his compassion. Fathomless his Charity. What are we doing, you and me? How much do they suffer our brothers in Greece, Cyprus and in other countries? Do we feel compassion about them? Not with words, but with actions. Have you helped a family that suffers in Greece, Cyprus or elsewhere?”

The pleasant weather during the whole Holy Week encouraged the community to attend everyday liturgies in church as well as the procession of the Epitaphs on Good Friday in the neighborhood of Park Extension. Montreal has a sizeable Greek-Canadian community. There was also the traditional feasts of ovelias, lamb roasted on a spit and gathered together to celebrate Easter. Greek music and red eggs completed the scene of Easter in Montreal.



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