Two “Greeks” Gang Members Get Life

A Canadian Justice, Bill Smart, sentenced Dale Sipes and Leslie Podolski, two  of the five members of the so-called Greeks gang, to life imprisonment without parole for 25 years for the brutal murders of two men in a drug dispute.

Neither Sipes nor Podolski addressed the court. One of the victims had an addiction that the judge said cost him his life. “Mr. Sipes and Mr. Podolski had their way with Mr. Marnuik while he was duct-taped to a chair, helpless and defenceless. Mr. Sipes and Mr. Podolski did so in a way that was brutal and sadistic, including Mr. Sipes assaulting Mr. Marnuik with a blowtorch,” Smart said.

He also said the execution of Ron Thom on May 31, 2005 was “mercifully quicker than Mr. Marnuik’s, but no less chilling.” Smart said: “Sipes walked up to Mr. Thom as he lay dead or dying on Commonage Road and shot him twice in the face to ensure his death.” The judge added: “Like Mr. Marnuik, he had no way of defending himself.”

Sipes, Podolski, Greeks boss Peter Manolakos and enforcer Sheldon O’Donnell were convicted by a jury of first-degree murder. Greeks associate Douglas Brownell was convicted of manslaughter in Thom’s slaying, as well as the beating death of Thomas Edward Bryce in November 2004. O’Donnell will be sentenced Dec. 12, while Manolakos and Brownell will have their hearings sometime in January.

(Source: The Vancouver Sun)


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