Researcher Claims Ancient Greeks Made It to America Before Columbus

Researcher Claims Ancient Greeks Made It to America Before Columbus

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It may sound unbelievable but a Greek-Canadian scientist is stating that the Ancient Greeks may have reached America years before the Spanish Seafarer Columbus did.

Researcher of Aegean Scripts, Dr. Minas Tsikritsis, in the text by Plutarch “On the Apparent Face in the Orb of the Moon,” in paragraphs 941A-942, claims that he has identified and demonstrated through computer programs the restoration of a forgotten historical reality, which had until now eluded many researchers.

In the study, he indicates that the prehistoric Greeks knew that “west of the three islands and northwest of Britain” there was a “great” continent. Two years ago, another academia, Professor I. Mariolakos, identified the great continent, surrounding the great Ocean, as today’s North America.

Dr. Tsikritsis states that, “even before the time of Christopher Columbus, there was a communication which began during the Minoan era and continued until the Hellenistic times. The purpose of these travels during the Bronze Age was related to trade and the transportation of pure copper from Lake Superior of Canada.”

According to his findings it seems that after the first Minoan merchants, the Mycenaeans continued the journey, and, as reported by Plutarch, they sent Hercules to revitalize the presence of the Greek element, which had been diminished by the continuous miscegenation with the locals. Later, during the Iron Age, the interest in the region declined and until the Hellenistic time, it remained only as a conventional ceremonial tradition. So every thirty years some ships were sent to the areas that followed the worship of Cronus in order to renew the priest personnel.

The ancient text by Plutarch states that the dialogue coordinator, Lambrias, asks Sylla the Carthagean to narrate once more a story that he had heard from the servants of the temple of Cronus in Carthage. The story was originally told by a foreigner who was visiting the temple and came from the great continent.

According to Tsikritsis, who analyzed the data with the aid of a special computer program, “the information that is mentioned in the text confirms the description of a journey in 86 AD from Canada to Carthage.” The findings are summarized as follows by Tsikritsis:

1. The revealing journey determines correctly the distance from Britain to the island of Ogygia, with a boat that sails with oars for five days (880 km).

2. It mentions a great continental land in the area of which there were three islands (Greenland, Baffin Island, Newfoundland) that had the same distance, on the northwest of Britain (Fig.1).

3. It specifies that on the same latitude, we find the entrance to the Gulf of St. Laurence and the Caspian Sea, a fact that we notice if we expand a straight line (Fig.1).

4. It states correctly that the Gulf of Saint Lawrence is a little bigger than Lake Maeotis, present day Sea of Azov (Fig. 2). It mentions that the Gulf Coast was inhabited by Greeks since the very old times and after the expedition of the Mycenaean Hercules, possibly during the 15th century BC, the Greek element was revitalized after it reached a near-extinct point due to the constant miscegenation with the locals. (It is obvious that Hercules was not accompanied only by Iolaus, but it was rather an expedition of hundreds of Greeks that changed demographically the area of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, which they inhabited).

5. It determines a period of 30 years after which the journey started: when planet Cronus rose in accordance with Taurus. Astronomical evidence confirms that in the north latitude 47ο, during the 1st century AD, that period coincided with the end of May 86 AD.

6. When the journey home began, they stayed for three months on the island of Greenland in the north (60ο Ν), where the sun sets only for one hour during the summer solstice, between 9/6 and 9/7. This definition confirms that the island of Greenland must be identified with the underworld, where Cronus had been buried in a cave and was being kept there by Zeus.

7. The reason for these long journeys during the Bronze Age is documented by the pure copper, which was found in large quantities in the region around Lake Superior and the island Royale, both located in Canada. From this area, about 50,000 tons of copper were mined between 2400 BC and 1200 BC.

8. During the time of Plutarch, as he states himself, they did not carry copper but golden cups and urns, inside which they kept the provisions for the journey.

9. Finally, it is known that in the ancient times the Oracles were centers where they kept chronicles of geographical knowledge, and as a result they gave advice about the future colonization. Therefore, it is acceptable that since Plutarch was a priest in the Oracle of Delphi after 86 AD, he had this knowledge.

10. It seems that the journey home was made from the north; starting from Canada they went to Greenland (island of Cronus), then they reached Iceland and finally Britain. A confirmation of this route is the station-island which still bears the name Mykines, the most west island of the Faroes.

Finally, the research by Tsikritsis claims that a journey was made from Canada to Carthage in 86AD, and that the Minoans and other Ancient Greeks had reached North America before Colombus.

What do you think? Could that be possible? Let us know in our comments section below.


  • Anastasia Damianeas

    My husband studied for a very short while in Athens with Anna Efstathiou Tsiropoulou, and he remembers being told about this, and that it is written in the ancient texts.  This amazing teacher would teach him and many other students from the ancient texts.  It gives me goosebumps.  Thank you for sharing this article.

  • Arionpat

    Maybe they came with the Vikings.

  • Arionpat

    Since Columbus is reportedly Greek what difference does it make.

  • PL45

    Byzantine maps had the coast lines of the America’s on it as well as Antarctica.  


          Just read ” The Secret Destiny of America,”  Manly P. Hall wrote about this in 1942.

  • P2bG

    I think it is very possible,not because i am Greek,but because i know how great seafarers ancient Greeks were.The Vikings who got to America before Columbus were great seafarers too,and i don’t see why Greeks couldn’t have made it to America before them.After all Greeks even 1000 years before the Vikings were more technologically advanced and sophisticated.I think its quite possible

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  • CassTete

    ALL COMMENTS HERE ARE SO INFORMATIVE !!  … great to see people be so educated on suppressed knowledge .

    the Greeks created everything , sacred geometry is Greek Maths and a comes from the ancient Greeks forefathers who designed everything accordingly . As they did the Pyramid ( Greek name is quite significant ).

    And follow the 30 degree longitude to find all their buildings and cities “all over the world”


  • CassTete

    AND the antikythera mechanism … they have now discovered all the wheels function which clearly proves that the Archimedes had calculated “everything” !!! They had “at least” at that time all the knowledge to go around the world 
    The World’s First Computer: Decoding the Antikythera Mechanism 

  • Miffy Seal

    Hey, It all comes from Greece (My Big Fat Greek Wedding). LOL. I like you guys, cheerful and fun to be with. Oppa to life.

  • World Weary

    Anything is possible!

  • stapas

    Eratosthenis knew the exact diameter of earth 2000 years ago , which means that voyage was performed before his time

  • asdfh

    The calculations of Erastothenes were made according to the measurements in Egypt and Macedonia, and were extrapolated to the globe. His research is still reserved and even in internet, can be checked there. He also calculated the distance of moon and sun but I strongly doubt he made space travels:)
    but otherwise, the Greek technology was superb, vikings had very few technological advancements comparing to them (but some, anyway), so this is very possible.

  • Psalm56Eleven

    The most heavily suppressed knowledge in the world is that the Bible is actually the 100% truth including that we are all sinners, but God’s only Son, Jesus Christ, gave His life on the cross as full payment for our sins, was buried three days and then resurrected.

    For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? 1 Corinthians 1:18-20

    And they will deceive every one his neighbour, and will not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies, and weary themselves to commit iniquity. Thine habitation is in the midst of deceit; through deceit they refuse to know me, saith the Lord. Jeremiah 9:5-6

  • yiannis

    it is possible for the greeks to visit america before colombus,there is also an indian tribe in south america the araucans,wich have differnt facial and body stracture compare to the other indian tribes and they claim that they are descendants of the greeks that travelled in amerika thousands years ago.
    I live in kreta (the minoan island) 500 meters from knossos the capital of the minoan civilazation and i have seen the level of the technology they had,the boats they were able to build,so i believe it is totaly posible.
    Also homer in odessy he writes that odyseas went in the island of the cyclops,were in patagonia there is a tribe that has a painted eye on the forhead,also the big sheep are the lamas and the great cows as he writes are the bissons in north america and so many other proves that greeks went there before colombus!

  • stef

    um, wrong forum sweetheart….

  • Παναγιώτης

    First of all why we learn lies that the first who found America was Columbus? Secondly it shows how great were Ancient Greeks, they discovered all the world, From America to the very deep East with Alexander the Great. You are all Greeks and you don’t know it. Cause they don’t want you to think like Greeks, they want us slaves, with no opened minds. If you search for English words who come from Ancient Greek language you won’t believe it. There are about 40.000 words(many words in astronomy(greek word) and medical science) from the 140.000 overall. Also philosophy(greek word) and all the sciences our civilization has are based on what Greeks found in their souls, they were so close to the universe, nature, spirit everything God made for us.

  • Παναγιώτης

    But Macedonia is Greek :)

  • me

    Alexander was Macedonian .
    And columbus, vespucci discovered Americas of course… in sense they discovered it first for us , documented and reported and since them we are sure about their existence.Americas were there and someone would eventually do it so is not big deal who did it to be fair.
    Is obvious there were plenty of different people in different times travelling there but they failed or history failed to describe and document it as certain thing therefore nobody couldnt follow their voyages as path until columbus expedition hope that helps

  • aaa

    Greeks were very brave thats about it.they werent brightest candles in terms of describing reality (and their discoveries in this aspect) or divide reality from myth they lived within