Hellenic Congress Asks Greek-Canadian Voters not to Vote for Liberal Party

The Hellenic Congress of Quebec is asking Greek voters of the Federal riding of Laval Les-Îles to think twice before voting in the upcoming Federal elections on May 2, 2011. Despite the fact that there are 30,000 voters of Greek descent who regularly vote for Liberals, the Party has arbitrarily decided to nominate a candidate of non-Greek origin to run in Laval Les-Iles. The Congress President, Peter Georgakakos, mentioned that the Party should have appreciated the Greek vote and have put a Greek-Canadian as a candidate in the riding. Now Congress is urging Greek voters to show their disapproval of that decision by not voting for the Liberal Party in this race.



  1. So they don’t put a Greek person in big deal. This is Canada NOT Greece. Canada comes first.

  2. Where was the protest when Raymonde Folco was running? Why now that it’s a Haitian woman?

  3. The only Greek candidate in Laval-des-Îles represents the Marxist-Leninist party. Communist over color?


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